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2015 Non-Toxic Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Her

non-toxic gift guide for her

2015 Non-Toxic Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Her

IT’S HERE! Each year, our Non-Toxic Holiday Shopping Guide puts together everything you need to make responsible choices without compromising the fun and excitement of gift-giving. This is the first of a three-blog series on how to find safe, healthy gifts for her, for him and for them (the kids). Tune in each week for more ideas for everyone on your list.

Non-Toxic Gifts for Her

It’s no secret that women have the economic power to influence companies to make safer products. We’ve seen massive corporations like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson respond to demands to remove toxic chemicals, and the ‘natural & organic’ market is growing exponentially– faster than any other market segment.

The holiday season is a fantastic opportunity to use your dollars to support companies that care about our health and our planet. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to determine what’s safe and what’s not. Between long lists of unrecognizable ingredients and some items that don’t even have labels to read, how are you supposed to know what is actually non-toxic?

Women’s Voices for the Earth is here to help! Read on for tips, resources, and product recommendations that will turn you into an expert on non-toxic gift giving, and help you use your economic power to help create a healthier world.


Check out The Choosy Chick for safer health and beauty products—they even have gift bags, gift cards, and their own holiday gift guide to make your giving super simple!

Green Woman Store offers fair trade, green, and all-women-made items from clothes to beauty to art.

True Goods is a great online marketplace with high standards for selecting products that align with healthier, safer, cleaner living.

We love Kind Eye for finding safe personal care products (anything from mascara to shampoo to beard oil) that are made by companies with a conscience.

Browse the Mindful Momma Marketplace for goods and websites that Mindful Momma herself has tried and vetted.


Personal Care

Best Natural Beauty Products of 2015 from Expert Paige Wolf

Safer Skincare & Makeup Picks from Organic Bunny

Personal care items from No Secrets partners Just the Goods, Makes 3 and Sweet & Woodsy Aromatherapy

For a pregnant friend or new mommy, consider Earth Mama Angel Baby or a subscription to Supplet.

Think outside the box — we know it’s personal, but why not stuff your friends’ stockings with feminine care products from The DivaCup or Lunapads or Sustain Condoms.

Clothing & Accessories

Mommy Greenest Eco Fashion Holiday Gift Guide

Accessories from Amy Ziff’s No Tox Life Veritey Shop

Workout items

Favorite safer yoga mats & accessories from Living Consciously

Picks from Mamavation’s Leah Segedie from our 2014 Nontoxic Shopping Guide


Greener Safer Better Gifts for Home & Hostess from Mindful Momma

Nontoxic kitchen recommendations from Eco-Novice

Big Green Purse Store




Sometimes the greenest gift is one that you make yourself!

DIY Beauty Recipes from Mommypotamus

Women’s Voices for the Earth’s Non-toxic DIY Recipes

How to Make Easy Handmade Gifts for the Holidays by Dr. Karen Lee

TAKE ACTIONnon-toxic shopping holidy guide

The bottom line is that we shouldn’t have to rely on guides like this one (as much as we love writing them for you!) to find safe gifts to give. ALL products should just be safe to begin with, and we should never have to worry about toxic chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm, hormone disruption or anything else that harms our health.

Take action to help us pass a bill that protects us from toxic chemicals.

Happy and healthy holidays from all the women of Women’s Voices for the Earth!

10 Responses

  1. Wonderful items here for sure yet I didn’t see NYR Organic on any of the posts listed unless I am missing it somewhere. As a NYR Organic consultant I am always so blown away for us not to be included. Sigh… Our ethics alone should bring you to want to at least check into what is offered. Sigh again 🙁

  2. Elizabeth Conway

    Hi Jill — sorry for the frustration … I don’t always get to comments immediately. We always enjoy learning more about companies that are committed to a shared vision of promoting healthy work environments for their employees and healthy products and services for customers and are committed to increasing awareness of the links between women’s health and toxic chemicals. Please feel free to zap our Director of Development an email at robynh@womensvoices.org

  3. Thanks for compiling this. I look forward to checking out these companies. I’m a Director with Lemongrass Spa and encourage you to also check us out. We offer 97%-100% natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, handmade in the USA spa products & skincare, haircare, sheer mineral makeup, and USDA certified organic essential oils. We do not test on animals and are certified through Beauty without Bunnies. We are currently checking into becoming EWG certified.

  4. Amanda

    Hello All! I just wanted to let you know about another company–they’ve only been around since 2013 so I totally understand they are not probably well known. Beautycounter offers safe cosmetics and personal care products . They aim for complete transparency, listing the ingredients and the EWG rating next to each product on their site. What I really love about this company, though, is in addition to producing safe, quality products, they are lobbying in Washington for stricter standards and asking their clients and consultants to spread the word for the need for change.

  5. thank you so much for your reply Elizabeth Conway… sorry if I seemed to rush on commenting before you had time to get to the comments… I will for sure work on that & be better about waiting… again thank you! also thank you for the email addy to help me inform womens voices about NYR Organic… such a wonderful company with such great pratices I do believe anyone that really looks into them will see just how awesome they are & have been for over 34 years in the UK although very new in the US at only 6 years… again thank you… Jill 🙂

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