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WVE Resources: Coronavirus

Resources to help you protect your health
and well-being during the times of Coronavirus.

Concerns About Disinfectant Foggers, Misters, Electrostatic Sprayers

Many offices, schools and other public spaces are relying on disinfectant foggers, misters and electrostatic sprayers as a means to combat illness, including coronavirus. Unfortunately, evidence shows that these products are not the solutions we need to protect health and reduce illness, and are instead increasing public exposure to harmful chemicals. Learn more.

Toolkit: How to Talk with Your Child’s School About Safer Disinfectants

As schools work to best protect their students and staff, it is also essential this protection includes preventing exposures from toxic chemicals, particularly in regards to the overuse and misuse of disinfectants. Safer products are not just important for children and teachers, they are a necessity for protecting the health of workers who are routinely exposed to these products. Read more.

DIY Cleaning & Disinfecting during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Simple, safe and effective DIY recipes to keep your home clean and free of harmful chemicals that can often be found disinfectants. Learn more.

Safer Disinfectants: EPA Certified Disinfectants to be used against COVID-19

The majority of the popular disinfectants contain harmful chemicals with significant drawbacks and health concerns ranging from chemical burns to reproductive harm. The good news is there are alternative disinfectant chemicals that are as effective in killing viruses and other germs without these health hazards. Learn more.

Infographic: Safer Cleaning & Disinfecting at home in the times of Coronavirus

Keep your home safe from COVID-19 and safe from toxic chemicals. Get the facts to help you find safer and effective solutions to protect your health! View infographic.

Infografía: Desinfectantes mas seguros en la casa en estos tiempos de Coronavirus

Mantén tu hogar a salvo de COVID-19 y químicos tóxicos. Obtén la información para ayudarte a encontrar soluciones seguras y eficaces para proteger tu salud. Aprende más.

Safer Disinfecting: Blog + Webinar

We know you want to keep your family safe from COVID-19, but also safe from toxic chemicals. Get answers on safer and effective disinfectants, which ingredients to avoid, and other solutions to protect your health. Learn more.

Español – Desinfectantes más seguros en estos tiempos de coronavirus

Y ahora tenemos la pandemia de Coronavirus – una circunstancia excepcional. Entonces, ¿Qué hacemos? Y, ¿Cómo desinfectamos de manera segura?  Aprende más.

Additional Resources:

Salons: Tips on reducing exposures to toxic chemicals at work
Research continues to connect chronic illness — included those linked to exposures from toxic chemicals — with increased risk of both contracting, and being harmed by, coronavirus. Fortunately, best practices can significantly decrease the chance of adverse health impacts of salon work. Learn more.

Disinfectants Fact Sheet: Focus on Quats (ammonium quaternary compounds)
Quats are disinfectant chemicals commonly found in household cleaners like disinfecting wipes and sprays and are designed to kill germs. Unfortunately, studies show that quats don’t actually reduce illness in healthy homes and instead can cause harm to our health. Learn more.

Fact Sheet: Cleaning Products and Health
From acute to chronic health effects, to cleaning chemicals of greatest concern — we combined some of the most important highlights from our safe cleaning reports into a simple, easy-to-share overview on cleaning products and your health. Learn more.

El Enfoque del Exceso de Desinfectantes en los “Cuates”
Los compuestos cuaternarios de amonio (“cuates”) se encuentran en los productos de limpieza domésticos como los esprays desinfectantes, las toallitas desinfectantes y los limpiadores del inodoro. Los cuates están registrados como pesticidas con la EPA, que quiere decir que con frecuencia los encontrarán listados como “ingredientes activos” en la etiqueta del frente de los productos desinfectantes. Aprende más

Productos de Limpieza y Su Salud
Le guste o no, la limpieza es una parte regular y una parte necesaria de nuestras vidas. Y, por cierto, hay algunos gran beneficios psicológicos y físicos para mantener sus entornos limpios. Sin embargo, los productos de limpieza también pueden poner en riesgo la salud. Hay numerosos productos químicos que se encuentran en los productos de limpieza que son peligrosos, y los cuales pueden afectar su salud cuando usted los usan. Aprende más.

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