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Feminine Care Products: Detox the Box

vaginal douching products

Feminine Care Products: Detox the Box


Cassidy Randall
Director of Outreach
& Engagement

We are so excited to release the name and tagline for our new feminine care products campaign (kind of ridiculously excited, actually – we’ve been giggling like teenagers with a secret for a few weeks).

Ready? Drumroll please….

Detox the Box
Toxic chemicals don’t belong in feminine products. Period.


OMG, how are you women so clever, you might be asking? Au contraire. It’s our members who are clever.

Throughout the fall, we asked WVE members to fill out a survey on the best way to message this campaign, which is, as we all know, a somewhat touchy subject. After all, there are as many different names for the vagina as there are women, so we don’t even have a common language for discussing this. Then add in the both horrifying and uncomfortable element of toxic chemicals in the products we’re actually using on our vaginas?! Whoa.

But we knew our members were up to the challenge. Almost 1,000 women filled out the survey. In fact, the name of our November report on toxic chemicals in feminine care products came from a member’s response to the survey: Chem Fatale. Brilliant.

The chosen title and tagline were the best performing in focus groups and the survey. Smart women have spoken. We can’t WAIT to rocket Detox the Box into the national spotlight.

And now for your feminine care sublime moment of the day. Have a seat, if you’re not sitting yet, because it gets even better.

Honorable Mentions

Best Write-ins for Feminine Care Products Campaign Title

Non-Tox for the Crotch

Save the Yonis

Keep that Craziness Out of My Lady-ness

Protect the Beavers!

No Chems in My Cooch!

Green the Delta

Toxic-Free Under Me

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Clean Up the Love Canal

Keep my Gine Benign

Feminine CARE not Feminine SCARE

Aunt Flo said Let the Toxins Go!

Viva la Vulva

Take Action!

Tell Always and Tampax to Detox the Box! Because toxic chemicals don't belong in feminine products. Period.

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  1. Jodi Thomas

    I have a beautiful teenage daughter, who I will make sure NEVER uses your products until you remove the toxins!!

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