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How to Search for Disinfectants on the EPA List N

How to Search for Disinfectants on the EPA List N

Want to know if your disinfectant is using safer ingredients and is approved by the EPA to use against COVID-19? This video shows you how to search for your disinfectants on the EPA List N – an app that enables people to quickly identify disinfectant products that meet EPA’s criteria for use against COVID-19 from your phone or computer.

About Disinfectants

The majority of the popular disinfectants contain either quaternary ammonium chlorides (quats) or chlorine bleach. Both types of disinfectants are potent against a number of different bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, they also have some significant drawbacks and health concerns ranging from chemical burns to reproductive harm.

However, there are alternative disinfectant chemicals that are as effective (or more) in killing viruses and other germs (including COVID-19) without these health hazards, such as:

  • alcohol/ethanol/isopropanol
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • lactic acid
  • citric acid
  • thymol

To learn more, check out WVE’s resources on safer cleaning, disinfecting and best-practices to help protect you from exposures to toxic chemicals AND from coronavirus. CLICK HERE!

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