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FDA Ban On Flavoring Ingredients Should Prompt Removal From Fragrances

FDA Ban On Flavoring Ingredients Should Prompt Removal From Fragrances

The Rose Sheet
by Lauren Nardella

The battle between hazard and risk ideologies goes on as NGO Women’s Voices for the Earth calls for the removal of five fragrance ingredients from personal-care products that FDA recently – if reluctantly – struck from its list of approved food additives. The agency maintains the substances pose no risk to public health.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Ryan — here is the link, but it is under paywall (https://hbw.pharmaintelligence.informa.com/RS122382/FDA-Ban-On-Flavoring-Ingredients-Should-Prompt-Removal-From-Fragrances–WVE). You can also learn more about these banned additives here (includes a list and additional links from FDA): https://womensvoices.org/2018/10/12/fda-bans-7-cancer-causing-flavoringsbut-what-about-their-use-in-fragrance/. If you have any addition questions, please always feel free to email us directly at womensvoices@womensvoices.org. Thanks Ryan!

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