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NGO calls on SC Johnson to share safety standards

NGO calls on SC Johnson to share safety standards

Chemical Watch

Tammy Lovell

April 5, 2017

“NGO Women’s Voices of the Earth (WVE) has welcomed SC Johnson’s plans to phase out the fragrance ingredient galaxolide, but has called on the company to make its safety standards publicly available.

SC Johnson announced in March that it planned to transition from using galaxolide to two macrocyclic musks – ethylene brassylate and habanolide – that meet the company’s safety and performance standards.

The announcement followed a campaign from WVE calling on the company to stop using the synthetic musk, which is an ingredient in 80 products including the Glade, Windex and Pledge lines.

Erin Switalski, executive director of WVE, said the NGO greatly appreciates “that SC Johnson is taking time and effort to ensure that these replacements are not regrettable substitutions as we have seen in too many similar chemical phase-out situations, like BPA.”

But added: “Unfortunately, the details of the company’s high safety standards are currently considered proprietary. Given the company’s proven leadership in transparency, we believe that publicly sharing the criteria of their safety standards is the best way to demonstrate the integrity of their process.”

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