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Support the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act!

Right to Know What's In our Cleaning Products

Support the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act!



UPDATE: In October 2017, Californians passed SB 258 - Cleaning Product Right to Know Act!
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We told you we wouldn’t give up until all Californians know what they are being exposed to cleaning products. That’s why we are excited to announce the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act (SB 258) has just been introduced in the California State Senate.

The bill requires cleaning product manufacturers who sell products in the state to fully disclose all ingredients, including fragrance.

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  1. For future generations to have to live with the consequences of these toxics .. For they will have Worked its way into the environment and into our ecosystem for further generations to come and continues in furthering damage to our planet atmosphere and environment with repercussions of toxic poisoning and side effects such as cancer in humans and animals A Side other health issue related due to toxic poisoning in our atmosphere land and our water systems … For future and future generations depends on us to make good decisions and we are ready have started them off poorly With places like the recovery Mountain in Europe that holds hundreds of thousands of tons of assist uranium that has been used and process And now is waste now needs to be stored due to its volatile effects and it’s danger to the human race existence … When will laws to protect our future generations from greed and distraction .. Please protect our children’s futures and for future generations ..

  2. Thank you for your contribution into helping our planet and inensuring a future for generations to come … through the help of empathy and compassion from others we can make this World change .. For the better !

  3. Theresa

    Living with Environmental Illnesses it is important for me to know what products are within my cleaning products, food and everything else. We have the right to know what we are using/wearing or eating, to take the best care of our health. Companies should not have the right to poison us, and if they are then we have the right to make educated decisions, to life the best quality life. Avoid fragrances, we don’t need them, we don’t want them, and they are so over scented that Gain, Febreze, Down Unstoppable, and other the other scented laundry products must be banned as they force people within their surrounding and long afterwards to breathe in these toxic synthetic chemicals. These products are disabling to some people like me, and more and more people are becoming disabled. Please label it, ban it, and get healthy, at least, allow us to know what’s poisoning us.

  4. I am a person with severe multiple chemical sensitivies. This has limited my life to being practically a recluse. My home and my body are my sanctuaries. Many times I have purchased a cleaner either for my home or my clothing, sometimes marked as “completely natural” or something similar, when actually they have fragrance added. Or something else destroying to me. With faith, I have opening the product and received nothing but a bad exposure to a chemical(s) and become very ill. People with MCS as well as others have every right to demand that every thing in that product be visibly printed on the package so that this type of problem no longer exists. I am asking the California State Assembly to support the chemical safety legislation and be a leading role model for the rest of the country. Thank you!

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