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Tell SC Johnson to Eliminate Great Lakes Pollutant Galaxolide

Take Action SC Johnson Galaxolide

Tell SC Johnson to Eliminate Great Lakes Pollutant Galaxolide


UPDATE (3.13.17): We are happy to report that because of you, SC Johnson has announced they will eliminate toxic Galaxolide from all of their products.
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SC Johnson uses the fragrance chemical Galaxolide in everything from Windex to Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout! and Glade air fresheners. A recent chemical analysis reveals that Galaxolide is highly toxic to aquatic life and does not break down easily in the environment.

What’s more—Galaxolide has been found in the Great Lakes, a critical freshwater ecosystem. Tell SCJ to protect the Great Lakes and our health from this toxic fragrance chemical!

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  1. Madelynn

    My immediate concern is fragranced laundry products and air fresheners that vent directly into the environment, which make me very ill. I’m 75 years old and have had the good fortune of rarely getting seasonal colds or flu. A new neighbor’s use of these products landed me in bed four about four months, and I needed care for bronchitis, which developed into pneumonia, then shingles. I am still on pain meds resulting in nerve damage from shingles after almost two years. I enjoy being mostly outside, and my yard became “permeated” with chemical fragrance on and off on a daily basis. To date, I have made 10 requests directly to her, the mobile park manager and assistant manager, the park owner, and the California Mobile Home Housing authority to no avail. She lied when asked about using fragranced dryer sheets the “first three times” I approached her. After seven requests for her to at least switch to unscented products, and even purchased and gave her unscented laundry products for alternatives, she told me she didn’t give a fuck. Some of the indications of chemical sensitivity resulting in illness was dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, eye ache, tremors, fatigue, etc. Now, in public or when shopping, the lingering smell on clothing from anyone’s use of scented products turns my stomach. The experience has not lessened, but has an accumulative effect. I researched on line and found support among other sufferers. And, have actually researched for chemical free communities.

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