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2014 Non-Toxic Shopping Guide Twitter Party

Economic buying power

2014 Non-Toxic Shopping Guide Twitter Party


 Cassidy Randall

Director of Outreach
& Engagement

It’s that time of year when we’re tasked with the stress of trying to find the perfect gift. No one wants to commit the dreaded faux pas of accidentally giving a gift laden with toxic chemicals that could harm your loved one’s health. Plus, we exercise so much economic power during the holiday season that we want to make sure that power supports those companies doing good things!

So is it possible to find the right gift that’s thoughtful, comes from an environmentally progressive company, and non-toxic?

Yes! Enter our 2014 Non-Toxic Shopping Guide, coming out 11/18. Join us for a Twitter party to get the goods straight from the experts:

2014 Non-Toxic Shopping Guide Twitter Party
Thursday, 11/20
6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

Shopping Guide Twitter Party

With sections that cover clothing, personal care products, fitness products, baby products, home décor, toys, DIY gift ideas, and more, WVE’s Non-Toxic Shopping Guide is poised to become your wingwoman this holiday season.

Join our #safeshopping Twitter party on 11/20 to get:

  • Top Picks from Experts in the Guide: We’ve asked for safer product ideas from some of the most eco-friendly, conscientious women in the WVE community who are experts in their field.
  • Tips & Resources: Green ideas and sustainable shopping resources to help you avoid giving toxic gifts this season.
  • Recommendations: WVE does not endorse the companies listed in our Guide, but we recognize certain leaders whose values closely align with ours.

Follow our 2014 Non-Toxic Shopping Guide Experts:

Toys: Katy Farber @Non_Toxic_Kids

Personal Care: Elizabeth Wasserman @TrueGoods

Home: Sarah Valiant @ValiantDesignCo

Baby Products: Melinda Olson @EarthMamaHQ

Clothing & Accessories: Rachel Sarnoff @rachellsarnoff

Food & Cooking: Carla Sanchez @OrganicLifeTV

Gifts for Your Partner: Karen Lee @drkarenslee

Fitness: Leah Segedie @bookieboo

DIY Gifts: Amie Valpone @TheHealthyApple

Follow our 2014 Non-Toxic Shopping Guide Sponsors:

GreenBlendz @greenblendz

Honest Company @Honest

Kelly Teegarden Organics @KTOSKINCARE

Sweet & Woodsy @SweetWoodsy

Earth Tu Face @earthtuface

Green Woman Store @GreenWomanStore

Good Clean Love @goodcleanlove

Just the Goods @justthegoods

Minneapolis College of Art & Design @MCADSustainDsgn

The Choosy Chick @thechoosychick

Sunumbra @sunumbra

Organic Lifestyle @organicbedroom

Makes 3 Soap @makes3soap

Check out our 2013 Non-Toxic Holiday Shopping Guide and our 2014 Non-Toxic Baby Shopping Guide.

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  1. love Women’s Voices for the Earth! we have a great podcast w/ Alexandra coming out next week . . . will try to party with y’all on twitter for this cool twitter chat!

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