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Tips for Avoiding Toxics in Feminine Care

Feminine Care products

Tips for Avoiding Toxins in Feminine Care

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 Alex Scranton

Director of Science
& Research

When I started researching for the Chem Fatale report, I didn’t really know what we would find. It was clear that concerns about feminine care products were largely overlooked – because no one wants to talk about this stuff!

But it soon became alarming how little research there really is on how common chemicals found in feminine care products might affect vaginal and vulvar tissue. And then add to that the crazy statistics on how common it is for women to experience health issues in this area of the body. What is going on when nearly 25% of women report using over-the-counter anti-itch creams to self-treat their symptoms? (No one likes to talk about that either!)

And what is the possibility that there may be some connections here – that exposure to toxic chemicals in these products could be associated with the health effects women are experiencing? How much harm could be prevented if we were smarter about the ingredients we use in these products?

There’s a long road ahead — we need research that can give us answers, and we need companies, like those participating in our No Secrets program, willing to ask the hard questions and take bold steps, and all that takes time. Meanwhile, there are some things we have learned about how to protect yourself right now.

Here are some tips to help avoid toxic chemicals in your feminine care routine:

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