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Cleaning Companies, NGO Partner to Support Consumer Rights

Cleaning Companies, NGO Partner to Support Consumer Rights

Manufacturers join Women’s Voices for the Earth to launch No Secrets ingredient disclosure campaign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 9, 2013

Chemicals linked to hormone disruption, allergies, and even cancer are found in cleaning products Americans use every day, yet most manufacturers keep the ingredients in their products a secret from the public.  A new campaign, “No Secrets,” led by Women’s Voices for the Earth with cleaning product companies that are leading the industry in ingredient disclosure, seeks to create a new standard of transparency in the industry.

“The companies supporting ‘No Secrets’ have nothing to hide in their products,” explained Erin Switalski, executive director of Women’s Voices for the Earth. “Their participation is proof that successful companies can give the public the ingredient information they need without hurting their bottom line.”

To date, 15 cleaning product manufacturers have joined No Secrets.

“Over 70 percent of consumers are concerned about the ingredients that go into the products that they purchase, and about 30 percent are actively looking for safer products,” said Larry Weiss, founder and chief scientist of CleanWell. “These growing consumer concerns cannot be addressed without transparency about ingredients along with evidence-based resources to help consumers understand this information.”

“At Seventh Generation, we’ve always believed that consumers have the right to know what’s in the products they buy,” said Ashley Orgain, manager of mission advocacy and outreach. “That’s why we are proud to link arms with Women’s Voices for the Earth and join the No Secrets campaign to bring transparency to the marketplace.”

Major companies like Clorox and SC Johnson recently began revealing some product ingredients, but still refuse to disclose product-specific fragrance ingredients, fearing a loss of competitive edge. The No Secrets campaign aims to show that many successful cleaning product companies already disclose all ingredients, and to mount pressure on more companies to follow suit. Legislation dubbed the “Cleaning Products Right to Know Act” would require cleaning product manufacturers to disclose all ingredients and is expected to be re-introduced in Congress later this year.

“Consumers have a right to know what’s hiding in household products, which is why I will be reintroducing legislation to require full disclosure of the ingredients in everyday cleaning products,” said Representative Steve Israel (D-NY).  “I applaud the companies joining with the No Secrets campaign and committing to provide consumers with much-needed transparency.”

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Women’s Voices for the Earth is a national organization that works to eliminate toxic chemicals that harm women’s health by changing consumer behaviors, corporate practices and government policies. To learn more, visit www.womensvoices.org, find us on Facebook, or follow @women4earth on Twitter.

Additional quotes from No Secrets business partners:

Larry Weiss, founder and chief scientist, CleanWell: CleanWell Company has always listed all of the ingredients in our products either on the product label or the company website. WVE’s No Secrets is a critically important initiative to provide consumers with the information that they need to make smart, informed decisions about the products that they bring into their homes. Over 70 percent of consumers are concerned about the ingredients that go into the products that they purchase and about 30 percent are actively looking for safer products. These growing consumer concerns cannot be addressed without transparency about ingredients along with evidence-based resources so that consumers can understand this information.   With the launch of the No Secrets campaign, WVE has taken a leadership role in driving change towards safer and healthier consumer products.

Christopher Gavigan, founder and chief products officer, The Honest Company: The Honest Company realizes it is critical to give consumers all the facts and commit to complete transparency in communications to help educate them, as well as drive other consumer product goods makers to follow that lead. This group of brands is joining together to show that it shouldn’t take a toxicology degree to read a product label.

Steve Berry, founder of Greenblendz, EcostoreUSA/Greenblendz: Full disclosure will be the standard for all industries in the near future and anything less will be perceived as hiding something. Today’s consumers have and want access to information on what ingredients they are using in their households and for a lot of them allergies and sensitivities demand they monitor the products they use.

Melinda Olson, founder Earth Mama Angel Baby: “Earth Mama Angel Baby is honored to be an inaugural member of Women’s Voices for the Earth’s No Secrets project. Earth Mama has long practiced and lobbied for full ingredient disclosure, and we absolutely agree that it’s the best practice possible to ensure safe products and informed choices for our customers.”

Audra Conklin, founder, Modern Mermaids: “We believe full transparency must become the standard in our industry.  With ingredient disclosure, changes in formulas will follow. It’s important to continually bring attention to those with toxic ingredients to truly ‘clean up’ the cleaning industry.”

Allen Stedman, CEO, Planet, Inc. “Full ingredient disclosure is becoming more important to the public everyday, and we applaud the efforts of WVE and their No Secrets campaign.”

Adam McCarthy, founder/president, Green Shield Organic: “From the very first bottle we shipped, our product ingredients have been disclosed on every label panel. Greenology Products and its brand GreenShield Organic was the first company to lead with complete ingredient disclosure. We have always listed actual ingredient names, not camouflaged non-ingredient terms such as ‘plant-derived, surfactants or bio-based.’ Our mandate has always been to empower the consumer at the point of purchase so she can decide what cleaner products she wants to bring into her home or business.”

Mari Fox, president, Shecology: “Shecology discloses ALL ingredients because every consumer has a right to know what ingredients are in ANY product they purchase and bring into their homes and the health plus the environmental ramifications of their purchases. I feel honored to have Shecology land among the heavy hitters in the natural cleaning products industry banding together for WVE’s No Secrets campaign because my personal and business mission has always been to have a major impact on environmental health.

Tim Barklage, Chief Idealist & CEO, Better Life: “Amazing things happen when you take the toxins out of household cleaners. Better Life was founded with a mission to create household cleaning products which are unmatched in safety and unbeatable in performance. We develop all of our products in-house from the ground up so that we can create the safest and best performing products without compromise. And, all of our products have complete ingredient lists on the bottles – nothing hidden because we have nothing to hide.”

Margaret Foss, owner/founder, Green Clean Solutions: “I am proud to be associated with WVE. I appreciate all the work they do to hold us all accountable to provide safe and non-toxic products to ensure the health of the planet and future generations!”


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