Everyone deserves to live in a healthy and safe environment. That environment includes where you live, work, play, and pray. We reject and actively push back against racist rhetoric, actions, policies and institutional oppression that leads to state-sanctioned brutality, gun violence, and harm that again and again assaults communities, particularly communities of color. We are committed to working for justice and equity, and are in solidarity with social, racial, and environmental justice organizations to build community, understanding and honest dialogue to address the root causes of violence, harm and hate.

Meet Miah -- Video Series

Meet Miah — Video Series

WVE’s Meet Miah video series is designed to highlight how we are exposed to hundreds of different chemicals every day — from those in the products used to clean our homes and bodies, to the pesticides sprayed in our schools, offices, gardens and playgrounds. And unfortunately, many of these chemicals are linked to serious health impacts like cancer, infertility, asthma and more.

Our health is already impacted by where we work, where we live, what we eat, our access to information, resources, quality of affordable healthcare, as well as our gender, race, income and more. And the added unnecessary exposure from everyday products is further harming the health of our bodies, communities and planet.

The “Meet Miah” series introduces views to where many of these harmful exposures are coming from, why toxic chemicals are ending up on our shelves in the first place, concerns about compounding and cumulative exposures — and why WVE fights so hard for safer products!

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