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TAKE ACTION to End Toxic Products & Marketing!

Rally at Prestige Brands Headquarters

TAKE ACTION! Tell CEO’s of Intimate Care Products to End Toxic Products & Marketing!

TAKE ACTION NOW! Tell the CEO’s of intimate care products manufacturers they must be accountable for toxic marketing and toxic products!

Heavily scented douches, wipes, washes, sprays, and powders are all products devised and marketed to make us feel like our intimate parts are dirty, smelly and need to smell like a fresh flower garden or tropical breeze. We aren’t buying it. In fact, medical professionals actually recommend AGAINST using these products. So why are companies still making them?

We are talking to you Summer’s Eve, Vagisil, OMV!, and other corporations who perpetuate and profit off of the myth that we need these products to be attractive, successful, clean and pure.

Not only is the marketing of these products toxic, the products themselves may actually contain toxic ingredients linked to cancer, infertility, allergic reactions, and other harmful health impacts. And this is hurting Black and Brown people who tend be higher users of these products (and who are often targeted in marketing). This industry has a legacy of racist marketing and targeting people of color. And we’re not taking it anymore!

TAKE ACTION NOW! Tell the CEO’s of intimate care products manufacturers they must be accountable for toxic marketing and toxic products! Tell them to:

  • Stop keeping secrets about what ingredients are used in fragrances.
  • Be transparent about what science you use to justify the safety of your ingredients
  • Tell us what you are doing to ensure products dont cause the same health problems that have long been associated with the use of douches and other intimate care products.
  • Be accountable for ensuring you products are not simply adding to the adverse health disparities already experienced by the people of color who use these products.
  • And lastly, change the narrative you use to market these products that tells us that our bodies arent good enough as they are and need products like this to be clean.

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