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How Do Toxic Quats Pass Clorox's Chemicals Safety Screening?

How Do Toxic Quats Pass Clorox’s Chemicals Safety Screening?

Director of Programs and Policy, Jamie McConnell
Jamie McConnell
Director of
 & Policy

This week Women’s Voices for the Earth released the Health First Roadmap, which evaluates how well cleaning products manufacturers are evaluating chemicals for safety. Some companies are definitely on track to putting your health first, but one company in particular, Clorox, is lagging behind.

This isn’t surprising considering Clorox is using quats, a pesticide used in disinfectant wipes and sprays that can contribute to asthma and has been linked to birth defects and infertility. Which begs the question, if the company is OK using quats given all the health and safety data pointing to concerns about these chemicals, what else are they using that can put your health at risk?

And unfortunately Clorox doesn’t seem to be taking Health First seriously—the company was the only one featured in the roadmap that never responded to our requests to chat about their results.

We think you’ll agree with us that this is unacceptable. Join people across the nation in calling Clorox NOW at 916-884-5456 — and ask the company to put your health first by quitting quats and coming clean on how the company is evaluating chemicals for safety. The presence of quats in Clorox’s products is a good indicator that the company’s safety standard is falling short in protecting your health.

Please raise your voice for safer products today. Simply call 916-884-5156 and we’ll connect you to Clorox or click here to learn more!

Tell Clorox to quit the quats and put HEALTH FIRST!

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  1. irene walker-quilliam

    Clorox needs to put the health and safety of women first and remove quats from its products. It is shocking that they do not do this already and have endangered their customers by including these toxic elements in their products.

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