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Girl Scouts Make Green Cleaning Products for Their Classrooms

We think a “Green Cleaning” badge is in order. Don’t you?
Project for Girl Scout Troops

Girl Scouts Make Non-Toxic Cleaning Products for Their Classrooms

Robyn Hegland
Director of Development

We were so excited and honored when we were chosen by local Girl Scout Troop 3659 to receive a portion of the proceeds from their cookie sales this year. The girls told us that they wanted to choose an organization that ‘helped everyone’ and that was ‘good for the environment and pets.’ We were invited to their Earth Day meeting to accept the donation, and to lead them in a project to make non-toxic all-purpose cleaner for all 30 of the classrooms at their school.

Many conventional and institutional cleaning products contain undisclosed, toxic chemicals that no one, and especially children, should be exposed to. The girls took part in a discussion about why it’s important to know what chemicals are in the products we use. ‘Like if you had an allergy,’ one scout suggested, ‘or what if your dog ate some?’ another asked. We talked about the fact that while toxic chemicals are unhealthy for everyone, they’re especially important to avoid while you’re growing and developing.

The girls had a great time measuring and filling spray bottles with vinegar and water. They created labels for their homemade products, and distributed them to all of the classrooms at their school. They’ll continue this project by keeping the bottles stocked, eliminating the need for teachers to use harsher cleaning products, and lessening their fellow students’ exposure to chemicals while they’re learning. We think a “Green Cleaning” badge is in order, don’t you?

Check out this video to hear the girls’ pitch about why they gave to WVE and what they learned!

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