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Group Sues FDA Over Formaldehyde in Hair-straightening Products

Group Sues FDA Over Formaldehyde in Hair-straightening Products


Susan Scutti

December 14, 2016

“As Scranton put it, “formaldehyde is real hard to avoid in our culture, so they don’t know when they’re going to be exposed to it and have this terrible reaction.”

Meanwhile, salon workers and the women who use these straightening products are often unaware of the contents.Though there’s more awareness today than in 2010, when she first began educating salon workers about these products, “there’s still a general impression that, “Well, if it’s on the shelves of the beauty supply store, it must be safe to use,’ ” Scranton said. “Even if it’s got a formaldehyde warning somewhere buried on a safety data sheet.”
Generally, there isn’t a warning on the label, though occasionally a product will recommend “adequate ventilation” on the instructions, explained Scranton. These products are required by law to have a safety data sheet listing the hazardous chemicals.”

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