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Are all tampons toxic? No one seems to have the answer

Are all tampons toxic? No one seems to have the answer

The Guardian

Leah Messigner

March 21, 2016

“Alexandra Scranton, director of science and research at Women’s Voices for the Earth, a Montana-based advocacy group that promotes the elimination of ‘toxic chemicals’, points out that conventional tampon manufacturers do not specify on their packaging whether they use preservatives or what types of fragrances they use. There is also no research readily available on how the polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester in tampons, such as those from Tampax, may affect women’s bodies when used internally over time. ‘We’d really like to see better disclosure of ingredients,” Scranton says. “And we’d like to know more from companies on how they’re assuring the safety of products.'”

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  1. Menstrual Cups! We need to help women, esp. young women, understand what options are available for menstrual management. I was very disappointed to see the “Period Starter Kit” being marketed on social media including products that are undoubtedly derived from chemically processed materials. I very much want to see a greater effort being made to promote menstrual cups, which are better for women, the environment and on average save women $600 over five years.

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