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P&G's revelation about ingredients could be a ‘global game-changer’

P&G’s revelation about ingredients could be a ‘global game-changer’

Cincinnati Business Courier

Barrett J. Brunsman

Feb. 29, 2016

“I reported in October that P&G executives won praise for increasing transparency regarding ingredients in feminine hygiene products. P&G posted a webpage that discloses components of its Always brand feminine pads, apparently in response to the concerns of Women’s Voices for the Earth.
The women’s group staged a health rally outside the downtown Cincinnati headquarters of P&G during its annual shareholder’s meeting over concerns about disclosure regarding ingredients, but P&G executives met with members of the group later that day and committed to greater transparency.”

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2 Responses

  1. Terri

    One can of Febreze had 97 neurotoxins and carcinogeans. This is despicable!!!! We need to shut this down!, and people wonder why there is so much cancer. Bounce and fabric softeners contain 5 neurotoxins and carcinogeans.

  2. Jan- RN

    Diagnosed with Vulvar Cancer January 2016. Shocked to say the least considering I have none of the predisposing elements that generally lead to this type of Cancer. What I did have was issues with incontinence and daily use of Always Pads and pantiliners since a traumatic back injury in 2003. I find it interesting that the primary cancerous lesions were located in the areas of where the external labia would have come in contact with the pads/pantiliner.

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