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Detox the Box Spoof Music Video Goes Viral

Detox the Box Spoof Music Video Goes Viral

“Hey girl. I’ve got something real important to tell you. So just sit down and listen.” More than 15,000 people have watched our Detox the Box spoof music video in less than a week. It’s going viral, and we need your help to send a message to the makers of Tampax and Always that we won’t tolerate secret toxic chemicals in products meant for our extremely sensitive ladyparts.

Toxic chemicals don’t belong in feminine products. Period. They especially don’t belong in the top-selling brands like Tampax and Always, where they have the potential to harm the health of the millions of women using those pads and tampons.

We needed a fun way to get this message across to millions of women—after all, no one wants to talk about pads and tampons in polite company, much less about harmful chemicals in those products and what they could be doing to our ladyparts.

So we had to get creative.

Remember Justin Timberlake’s Dick in a Box music video from SNL? We spoofed it. Seriously.

Watch Detox the Box. And prepare to be blown away:

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Our latest and greatest spoof music video is not only hilarious and catchy (warning: you’ll find yourself singing “detox the box!” to yourself for days afterward—people tend to give you curious glances), it sends a hard-hitting message to the biggest consumer product company on the planet that women will no longer stand for toxic chemicals in products we use on some of the most absorptive skin on our bodies.

Procter & Gamble, makers of Tampax and Always, don’t list any of the ingredients in those products—not on the label, not on the website, not anywhere. That’s because pads and tampons are regulated as “medical devices” and not “personal care products,” which means that companies aren’t required by law to disclose any of the ingredients used in these products.

Here’s why this is a serious problem:

  • Test results show dioxins, furans and pesticide residues in tampons, which have been linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and hormone disruption.
  • Studies link menstrual pad use to vulvar allergic rash in some women. Both adhesive chemicals like methyldibromo glutaronitrile and fragrances used in pads have been identified as causes of these allergic rashes.
  • Fragrance is commonly used in pads and tampons, and all fragrance ingredients are kept secret. We know that Procter & Gamble (makers of Tampax and Always) uses harmful chemicals like styrene, pyridine and methyleugenol (linked cancer) and synthetic musks like galaxolide and tonalide (potential hormone disruptors linked to increased risk of breast cancer) in their fragrances.
  • The harmful chemicals in these products come into contact with some of the most sensitive skin on our bodies!

Tell Tampax and Always to detox the box: list all ingredients and remove harmful chemicals.

Take Action!

Tell Always and Tampax to Detox the Box! Because toxic chemicals don't belong in feminine products. Period.

Detox the Box Video Credits:

Produced by: Cassidy Randall, Women’s Voices for the Earth
Directed & Edited by: Gita Saedi Kiely, West of Kin Productions and Katy-Robin Garton, Sprout Films
Camera by: Katy-Robin Garton, Sam Ward, and Sophie Danison for Sprout Films
Audio Recorded & Mixed by: Travis Yost, Year of the Kangaroo Recording
Vocals: Ali Solomon & Caroline Keys
Choreographed by: Kali Lindner, Oula Fitness
Lyrics: Cassidy Randall & Caitlin Copple
Dancers: Ana Pederson, Daniela Schmidt, Caitlin Copple, Tamara Love, Spider McKnight, Cassidy Randall

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