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Been Duped by Greenwashing?

A Happy Hippy Mom

January 18, 2011

I received an email back in December accusing a company of not being as green as they advertised.   HOWEVER, after reading it I was unsure how I felt.  Why? Because  the company in question was a favorite of mine and I felt sickened at the possibility of being duped by greenwashing.  YES, I used and liked the products believing they were “environmentally friendly” and “non-toxic.”   I recommended them to my family plus friends, promoted them here on my website, and HONESTLY thought they were among the safest and most effective cleaning products I have ever had the pleasure of using.  Not to mention,  I told all of you they were too. SIGH…

If you have noticed a change around here and are seeing less “green” reviews… this experience is partly the reason.  I’m not a scientist and all I can do is try to research a product’s ingredients and make a judgment upon the facts I have learned.  BUT, what if a company isn’t listing every ingredient contained and are hiding some nasty chemicals within the fragrances or dyes?  OR what if the study was unbiased and the information was skewed in their favor and I take it as authentic?  How can I truly be sure the product is non-toxic and recommend it to all of you?

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  1. Kristen Anton

    I have had the same experience trying to find more environmentally friendly chemicals six years after the date of this post. And, of course, I’m the crazy one. I’ve found that a big problem with some “green” products is how they break down and react in the air and water around us. Growing up around crazy chemicals is definitely an advantage, but not one most people would feel blessed to have.

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