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False Claims, Hidden Toxin in Brazilian Blowout Solution

False Claims, Hidden Toxin in Brazilian Blowout Solution

National Healthy Nail Salon Alliance

September 29, 2010

Popular hair product, Brazilian Blowout Solution, contains dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

LOS ANGELES — Recently-released results from a state lab have found that two hair straightening treatment products popular with celebrities, the Brazilian Blowout Solution and the Acai Professional Smoothing Solution, by the company Brazilian Blowout, contain dangerously high levels of the suspected carcinogen formaldehyde—at 4.85 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

California-based Brazilian Blowout manufactures the products, which they claim to be “formaldehyde free.” The samples were taken to Oregon Health & Science University for testing after staff at a Portland salon reported difficulty breathing, nose bleeds and eye irritation when using the product as directed. The university’s Center for Research on Occupational Environmental Toxicology sent the samples to Oregon OSHU for lab tests. The material safety data sheet (which should list hazardous chemicals) listed no formaldehyde. If a product contains more than 0.1% formaldehyde, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires the manufacturer to list it on the material safety data sheet.

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  4. Henry Arias

    First let me stat that Keratin can not straighten hair. Every Keratin/Brazilian treatment contains some other chemical that actually straightens the hair. These are the names for formaldehyde (Formalin;Formic Aldehyde; Paraform;Formol; Formalin (Methanol-free);Fyde; Formalith; Methanal;Methyl Aldehyde; Methylene Glycol;
    Methylene Oxide;Tetraoxymethalene;Oxomethane;Oxymethylene). These Keratin/Brazilian brands will not inform you of what they are using.

    Try re4mer which is a system that can change your hair from curly to straight, straight to curly or anything inbetween. It does not use an iron and is 100% safe.

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