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Glade® Makers SC Johnson Continue to Use Toxic Musks

SC Johnson (maker of Glade®, Windex®, Fantastik®, and more) continues to use the toxic trespassers galaxolide and tonalide, synthetic musks in fragrance linked to increased risk of breast cancer and hormone disruption that are showing up in our blood, breast milk, and even newborns.

The bottom line: galaxolide and tonalide are leaving SC Johnson products and entering our bodies without our consent.

Ask SC Johnson to remove these toxic trespassers!

Learn more about galaxolide and tonalide.

SC Johnson’s Response to Consumers Asking Them to Remove Toxic Musks

“I am responding to the email you sent SC Johnson regarding concerns you have over the use of galaxolide and tonalide in SC Johnson products, and specifically our Glade® products.

First I wanted to confirm that we do use synthetic polycyclic musks such as galaxolide and tonalide in some of our products. These substances have been reviewed many times by government toxicologists in the United States, Canada and Europe, and these respected Government bodies have found these ingredients to be safe for consumer use. The levels that might be found in our products are low, and studies have shown that these levels present no real health risk. We do not, however, use nitro musks, another type of synthetic musks, which can be confused with polycyclic musks.

We are aware that Women’s Voices for the Earth has raised concerns over the ingredients galaxolide and tonalide and has asked their members to contact SC Johnson. We think it is important that consumers know that SC Johnson did share information with Women’s Voices for the Earth on these ingredients; however, the group has chosen to ignore the science presented to them and instead launch this effort against SC Johnson. I would also like to point out that SC Johnson evaluates the safety of all of our products, including the fragrance ingredients in them. These safety evaluations take into consideration how products are used in the home, the most up-to-date safety information on the products and ingredients, and established safe exposure guidelines.

Thank you so much for contacting SC Johnson and for sharing your opinion. Consumer opinion is important to us, and we welcome dialogue on topics such as the ingredients in our products.

Consumer Relationship Center”

WVE’s Repsonse to SC Johnson’s Defense of Musks

Thanks for asking SC Johnson to remove toxic musks from their fragranced cleaners!

You may have received a response from the company defending their use of synthetic musks in their products, in which they claim that WVE chose to “ignore” the science that they presented to us. To clarify, we did meet with SC Johnson representatives this year to discuss, among other issues, our concerns with their use of synthetic musks in their products.  We appreciate their willingness to come to the table.

SC Johnson did not present us with any new science on these chemicals at that meeting. Actually, we confirmed that we’re both looking at the same science on synthetic musks. Both WVE and SC Johnson agreed that galaxolide and tonalide are present in people’s bodies and are building up in the environment, and we agreed that some animal studies show toxicity.

We disagree on how we interpret that science. SC Johnson believes that, despite the toxic nature and the persistence of these chemicals, the amount of synthetic musks that people would be exposed to in their products is unlikely to cause harm. We’re uncomfortable with the many assumptions and unknowns incorporated into this assessment that musks are safe.

WVE and our partner health advocacy groups believe there is cause for concern around these chemicals based on the emerging science, especially in light of the fact that recent studies indicate that synthetic musks are showing up in the bodies of nearly every American tested – including newborns.We don’t understand everything about how these chemicals may affect human and environmental health, but what we do know we find worrisome.

That’s why we believe in using a precautionary approach with synthetic musks, especially given their inclusion in many household products and widespread exposure to people.

We are leaning on SC Johnson on the issue of synthetic musks because we believe they are a forward-looking company that wants to meet the needs and concerns of their customers. Your voices are crucial to our success, and we appreciate your time and energy to reach out to this company to share your concerns.  We’ll keep you updated on our ongoing conversations with the company.

Thanks for speaking up,

Alexandra Scranton
Director of Science and Research

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