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WVE Press Releases

California Supreme Court Gives Brazilian Blowout 30 Days to Reformulate or Remove Products from Marketplace

California Attorney General’s Office Says Brazilian Blowout Products Violate California Air Quality Law, Must be Removed from Marketplace

Toxic Hair Treatments: Lawsuits Settled on Brazilian Blowout; California Attorney General Suit Forces Hazard Warning

FDA Warns Brazilian Blowout to Stop Misleading Consumers

Congressional Leaders to FDA: Protect Public from Toxic Hair Treatments

Beauty Salon Workers in Danger: Toxic Brazilian Blowout

Cosmetics Industry Warns Against Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde in Hair Straighteners

Toxic Brazilian Blowout Too Dangerous for Use in the U.S., Experts Say

False Claims, Hidden Toxin in Brazilian Blowout Solution

Canadian Government Ceases Distribution of Brazilian Blowout Solution


Other Media Stories

Brazilian Blowout Agrees to Warn Consumers About Cancer Risks

State fines maker of ‘Brazilian Blowout’ product
SF Gate

Brazilian Blowout Settlement Forces Hazard Warning
Public News Service

Brazilian Blowout Legally Labeled Carcinogenic … Will It Matter?

FDA: Brazilian Blowout Must Stop Misleading Consumers
Fox News

FDA Tries to Untangle Brazilian Blowout Claims

Brazilian Blowout drops lawsuit against Oregon OSHA and OHSU
The Oregonian

Brazilian Blowout Blowup
Philadelphia Inquirer

California Sues Brazilian Blowout Over High Levels of Formaldehyde Initially Found in Oregon
The Oregonian

Frizz or Formaldehyde? Trendy ‘Do Poses Hairy Dilemma

Blowing the Whistle on ‘Brazilian Blowout’ Hair Straightener


FDA’s October 8 Statement

FDA Receives Complaints Associated with the Use of Brazilian Blowout


Product Removal in France

French Authorities Pull Hair Straightening Products With High Levels of Formaldehyde


Canadian Health Advisory

Canada Reports Ban on Brazilian Blowout Solution


Recall in Ireland

Concerns Relating to Use of Certain Hair Straightening Products

Recall of Cosmetic Product Brazilian Blowout™ Acai Professional Smoothing Solution


American Chemistry Council Statement

ACC Comments on Reports About Formaldehyde in Hair Products

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