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Information for Stylists

Please share your story to help us get the FDA to take action to ban formaldehyde in cosmetics & salon products!

Share Your Story with the FDA

The FDA needs to hear directly from stylists who’ve experienced health problems as a result of working with Brazilian Blowout. Please share your story to help us get the FDA to take action to ban formaldehyde in cosmetics & salon products!

You can use this form to send a letter to the FDA.

You can view other stylists’ stories here.

Hazard Alerts

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a hazard alert in April 2011 warning that popular hair straighteners may release formaldehyde, which is linked to serious health problems, including increased risk of cancer.

In September, OSHA updated their hazard alert and refuted Brazilian Blowout’s false claim that formaldehyde levels were below OSHA limits. The alerts provide information about OSHA’s investigations, the health hazards of formaldehyde and how to protect stylists who are working with hair smoothing and straightening products.


OSHA has cited two salons and two manufacturers for health violations for failing to protect their employees from possible formaldehyde exposures. Proposed penalties for the companies total $49,200.

What You Can Do

If hair straightening treatments like Brazilian Blowout are being used in the salon you work in and you’re worried about exposure levels, you can contact OSHA to file a complaint and request an inspection of your workplace to measure harmful levels of formaldehyde and other hazardous chemicals. Here’s information for how to file a complaint with OSHA.

You can also contact the Food and Drug Administration if you are concerned about the health impacts of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals in hair straightening treatments. You will find contact information on this webpage, which also lists information on Brazilian Blowout.

Click below for other hazard warnings on hair smoothing products containing formaldehyde issues by government authorities:


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