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What is a Detox the Box Party?

What is a Detox the Box Party?

While we know our bodies inside and out, we may not be aware of the chemicals in the products we use. That’s because companies aren’t required to disclose all period or personal care products ingredients, some of which are linked to hormone disruption, infections and cancer. To make matters worse, advertising tells us that we need to purchase products like vaginal wipes or washes in order to feel confident and sexy. Companies are turning a profit from making women feel shame about our bodies.

This action kit is designed to break down walls and spark dialogue between friends, to help de-stigmatize the issue, so that we can focus on working to make menstrual products safe, healthy and available. To get a look inside the party guide, click here!

What’s in the Detox the Box Party Kit?

  • How to Throw a Detox the Box Party
  • Planning Your Party
  • Sample Invitation
  • Suggested agenda
  • Ways to take your party up a notch
  • Discussion guide for the host to keep the conversation flowing (so to speak…)
  • Help fact sheets and information on menstrual and personal care products
  • Watch and share videos
  • Actions to help ensure safer menstrual products

What Happens at a Detox the Box Party?

Watch, Read and Learn
Help your guests learn more about chemicals in menstrual products and impacts to their health, how and why harmful chemicals are ending up in these products in the first place, and the type of messaging manufacturers use to convince you that these products are a must-have for both health and beauty. The kit includes plenty of great factsheets and videos to help guide this discussion!

Take Action
Currently, companies aren’t required to list ingredients on tampons, pads, menstrual cups and period underwear. Furthermore, products like douches, sprays, wipes, washes and powders, often keep their fragrance ingredients a secret. For example, all of Summer’s Eve products contain fragrance, and many contain a trademarked ‘odor-control’ technology called Neutresse – yet Summer’s Eve chooses not to disclosure the chemicals used in Neutresse nor their fragrance. This is particularly alarming because we know that many chemicals used to make fragrance are linked to health impacts ranging from skin irritation to hormone imbalance and increased risk of breast cancer. This means you don’t know what is in the products that are coming into contact with one of the most absorbent and sensitive areas of the body.

You and your guests will be fired up and ready to call on companies to remove toxic ingredients from their products, put an end to the secrets, and support government policies that truly protect us.

The kit offers plenty of tips to help you take action and ways you can start to make changes in your home, community and beyond to help ensure period and personal care products are safe and accessible for all.

Host a Detox the Box Party!

Download the free Detox the Box party kit!
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