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Savvy Women Host Green Cleaning Parties!

Welcome Savvy Women! 

Thank you for hosting a green cleaning party! By sharing the important information in this kit with your friends, you are helping to build a movement of women and men who believe that we deserve to live in a safe, healthy environment free from exposure to toxic chemicals. And you thought you were just throwing a party!

Below is everything you need to make your party a success. Bookmark this page so you don’t have to log in again to find it!

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Download the Full Green Cleaning Party Kit


Green Cleaning Videos

Click below to view our videos on YouTube! Use these helpful how-two videos to guide you through your Green Cleaning Party.

Download Individual Pieces of the Kit

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    Have party-goers sign up to receive helpful updates from WVE

Make Your Party a WVE Fundraiser
Find out how to give back to WVE at your green cleaning party


  • Disinfectant overkill? Learn more about the trouble with ammonium quaternary compounds (“quats”) and why we need to quash the quats! Click here.
  • Check out our Safe Cleaning fact sheets and reports to have on hand at your party!
  • FAQ’s: The who, what, where, when and why of hosting a Green Cleaning Party!


Ammonium quaternary compounds, or “quats,” are found in lots of disinfecting products and other cleaners. Quats are powerful skin irritants that can also irritate the lungs, and have been linked to asthma, fertility issues, and reproductive harm. These are NOT chemicals that babies, children, women, pets, or anyone should be exposed to.

We don’t need quats, or disinfectants in general, to clean our homes and keep our families healthy. In fact the overuse of quats can promote antibacterial-resistant bacteria (“superbugs”). TAKE ACTION to tell Clorox it’s time to quit the quats!

Take Action!

Tell Clorox to quit the quats!
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