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Get Rid of Toxic Dust Build-Up

We all have dust in our homes—it’s a fact of life. But there is good reason to clean it up. Did you know that household dust harbors lots of toxic chemicals, and our exposure to dust is one of the top ways those chemicals get into our bodies? Phthalates, flame retardants, detergent components, pesticides, PCBs, BPA, parabens, and other toxic chemicals have all been detected in household dust.

Keep in mind the best ways to clean dust is get rid of it without letting it recirculate in the air. Unfortunately, the old fashioned feather-duster won’t do the trick—it just moves the dust around! Try these easy methods instead:

  • Use a microfiber mop or cloth

These magic cleaning devices pick up dust efficiently without the need for additional cleaning solutions or sprays, which just add more unwanted chemicals.

  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter

These vacuums can trap even small dust particles without re-releasing them into your home. Make sure you change the filter regularly to keep it working well.

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  1. women’s voices from the UK say that there is a link between environmental hazard and breast cancer. We call on all governments to acknowledge this in their national cancer plans.
    support our campaing at: nomorebreastcancer.org.uk

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